All set for ‘Alikoto Festival 2021’ in December

Preparations are underway for the annual reunion event dubbed ‘Alikoto Festival’. According to the Events Coordinator Mr. Reuben Daliwe Agyegelone, the festival that has been happening since 2018 provides a prime opportunity for young people to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances, make new friends and build social capital through effective networking.

“We are looking at putting young people in the Upper East Region together. What we are trying to do is reconnect people who knew themselves back in basic school once a year. We have realised that after basic school, some people move out of the region for secondary education then after that, they move further away into the university and it is very difficult to get together,” Mr. Agyegelone said while speaking to A1 Radio about preparations for the event.

He said the festival also provides an avenue for young people to interact and benefit from what others are doing in and outside the Upper East Region explaining that “we intend to create a platform where we can project the great initiatives that young people are doing [in the Upper East Region] that the world does not know about”.

The festival evolved from a regular annual reunion to the more complex and diverse ‘Alikoto Festival’ in 2018. The 4-day event will begin on the 28th of December, 2021 with games between participating schools. The following day, the ‘Alikoto Festival’ will host players in the arts industry. This will include individuals in the fine arts and those in the performing arts. The 3rd day of the festival will be a dinner that will be used as a fundraiser for charity activities on the fourth day.


Mr. Agyegelone mentioned that this year like the previous years, organisers and participants of the festival will be embarking on a social impact project to give back to society and touch the lives of the underprivileged in our community.



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