Alikoto Festival was founded by Arc. Reuben Daliwe Agyegelone, a young Architect from the Upper East region who is passionate about social impact. He is also a role model and a mentor to many young people in and outside the Upper East Region.

The maiden edition of Alikoto festival in 2018 was successfully organised by Griselder Adimazoya, Caswell Yidana, Gideon Abu and Michelle Anamoo.

Other editions of the Alikoto festival were successfully organised by a vibrant team of young individuals who are poised to contribute to the impact this festival has on the lives of other young in northern Ghana. Key members of the Alikoto festival team include:

  • Asunsua Herbert-Browne
  • Awsinab Jesse Awenyateme
  • Prince Casmel
  • Salia Namale Adinan
  • Kpare Jude Yinenti
  • Joseph Atampugre Agana
  • Arc. Reuben Daliwe Agyegelone
  • Awandare Desmond
  • Adimazoya Atampugre Griselder
  • Abachingsa Awonnaam Xavier
  • Alotiba Alagpulinsa Roland
  • Averu Ernest Kwosseh Smith
  • Atintono Hippolite
  • Awiapo Alimsiwon Melvin
  • Cephas Wedam Sagpio