What is Alikoto festival?

The Alikoto festival was officially started in 2018 to bring together young people of the Upper East Region once every single year to foster networking and sharing ideas. The festival has over the years grown into the biggest and most attractive homecoming event in Northern Ghana which brings together over 1000 patrons from all over the country to participate in this 3-day event.

Our Purpose

Our festival aims at creating an avenue for young people to build relevant social networks, empowering young creatives from Northern Ghana, and promoting small businesses and start-ups of young people

To become one of the biggest and most anticipated outdoor events in Africa that highlights on the beauty of Northern Ghana and attracts patrons from all over the world. We also aspire to use our event to impact underserved rural communities in areas of education, health and economic life.

  1. To empower Young Creatives (artistes, musicians, dancers, actors, models) in the Northern Ghana and promote their talents to a global audience.
  2. To bring together sons and daughters of the Upper East Region and Northern Ghana once every year to foster social networking and promote capacity building.
  3. To provide a high standard and very entertaining event that can match up to events seen in other more developed places.
  4. To promote small businesses and start-ups of young entrepreneurs in/from Northern Ghana.
  5. To highlight the many possibilities and opportunities that exist in the Upper East Region and Northern Ghana as a whole especially in tourism.
  6. To encourage young people from Northern Ghana to change the narrative and keep pushing in their respective fields to achieving great feats and make global impact.